"Cherokee Cuties"


     That's the caption to this photo from the Salina Journal.  I don't know the exact date but it was early in Ginny's 10th grade scrapbook, so I presume it was important to get officers of the Cherokee Club installed early in the school year.




The caption to the photo continued:


"New officers of teen-age Cherokee Club are Mary Rita Warren (left), 842 Highland, treasurer; Mary Gay Dillingham (right) 860 Highland, secretary, and Rita Pratt (below), 336 Center, president.  Don Longhofer, 258 S. 10th is vice-president.  Cherokee is sponsored by YM and YMCA. (Journal Photo)"


Don and Rita (actually, Norita) were seniors.  So our two classmates jumped over all the juniors to help run the club.


Anyone know why it was called "Cherokee?"



(I still remember the great smash Don put on me during a football practice.  It was a senior move on a sophomore sacrificial practice dummy.  I learned that move in that one hard lesson, but I also learned to simply avoid Don from then on.)









                  A 1954 Recital


I don't know more that what is given on this program for a Dec. 7, 1954 "Student Recital" in the Salina High Little Theatre.


But three in our class performed, providing about a third of the recital.  Right on target since there were three classes in SHS at the time [I think there are four these days (9-12)].


Sharon Fox sang "Jesu Bamino".

Gail Greever sang "Come to the Fair" and "Danny Boy."


Virginia Horn added her cello to the string accompaniment of a girl's ensemble singing of "Christmas Song."



"Christmas Song" is attributed to "Torme-Wells-Ringwald."  I'm familiar with the Torme name ("the velvet fog" singer), so I checked on the web and that song was indeed written by Mel Torme (at the age of 19) & Robert Wells, arranged by Roy Ringwald.  The reverberations of this 1954 recital are long gone, but you can hear Mel Torme and Judy Garland sing the song in 1963 at this web site:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOQ4JxPDXIU .


     It brings back memories to see the irregular placements of letters that was a common problem with mechanical typewriters.  When shifting to and fro for capital letters you needed to wait for the shifting to complete before striking the next key.  You had to find the typewriter's rhythm.  This typist got a little over anxious, giving the page a personal touch a modern computer's printer can't.


     I can't resist this:  While finding Torme & Garland sing, I also found Doris Day singing "Winter Wonderland."  I don't know the date of this recording (early 1950s?) but she never sounded better.  I recommend this fine rendering:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHE0Jo82_34 ,  Her tone on the occasional low note is very nice.  The tempo is slower than usual but I like it.  (She is still with us at the age of 91.)






        Just for Fun


     In my travels through the school scrapbooks of Ginny (Horn) Stelk, I recently finished with our 9th grade where we were top dogs and have entered our sophomore year when were lowest on the ladder.  That makes a big difference in how often someone in our class got mentioned in school activities and newspaper articles. 

     So it may not take many months to show on this web site what I found of interest in our sophomore year.  Nevertheless, there are some goodies and it'll be fun to revisit them on a page like this one.  This month's findings prove that.