Some Boys of Franklin




     John Lamone sent in this photo his mother took of some of the boys in the neighborhood of Franklin grade school.  I'll guess it's 2nd or 3rd grade, maybe the summer of 1947 between those grades.


     Left to right:

Steve Klint, Dale Swisky, Charles Koch (head only), Barry Kratzer, unknown (in cap), Dennis Groves, John Lamone.


     That's a Dick Tracy T-shirt Steve is wearing.  I didn't know shirts with such themes existed in those days.


     I joined most of these guys in 4th grade, but when this photo was taken I didn't even know they existed.











          Wilma Bucknell's Oven


     Ginny kept an newspaper article about ovens that featured one of our teachers.  The Salina Journal of Sunday, March 7, 1954 (9th grade for us) had this photo accompanying an article about how "high ovens" were making a come-back.  Miss Bucknell had this one from her mother.  The oven and burners were separate units.

     The Sarvis' of 104 E. Cloud had "burners set in a counter near the oven which is built in the brick wall extending from a fireplace.  The fireplace and high oven form what is called a 'cooking wall.'  Cooking walls are the modern version of the old kitchen fireplaces used by colonial women."  They used electricity instead of gas.


     The article was written by Winnie Clark, "Journal's Home Economist" and preserved for us in Ginny's 9th grade scrapbook all these years.


     Frankly, I was more interested in this for its nice photo of Miss Bucknell rather than on features of ovens.  It must have been a passing fad anyway.






     I'm sticking in this program cover from Ginny's scrapbook because I think it's hilarious (and this is the FUN page, after all).  These people don't look like they've seen a high school for several years and the hero worship is way too thick for my taste.


     Someone wearing number 53 these days would be a center or a linebacker, but back in 1953 numbers didn't correlate with positions played.  We were juniors when game jerseys for the SHS Mustangs became available in a pile and we each picked out any one we wanted.  I grabbed "99" on a whim. 


















     Just for Fun, I borrowed a page from Charles Addams and put something bizarre on this page (more bizarre than usual, anyway).  Add more worthless points to your total by finding the bit of whimsy, if you haven't spotted it already.  I was going to give a hint, but I couldn't think of one that has a leg to stand on.




        Just for Fun

     Two old photos and an a funny 1953 football program cover get a revival this month, thanks to a couple of keepers of memorabilia in the class.  It's too late to take an old photo today, but today you can take a photo that will become an old one someday (just like the one Judy Dodge took at the 1987 reunion).