Where Are They Now?


     One of Ginny's school scrapbooks had this photo of our 8th grade officers.

I quickly decided to put it on this page because it's a nice photo and quite different from the one of these officers in the 1952-53 Junior High Lights.


Then it struck me that after Jeanette and Anne had these and other prominent roles in the class, they apparently moved from Salina.  I can't find any mention of either in the 1954 Junior High Lights for 9th grade, so I guess 8th grade was the last class for both of them in Salina.


The whereabouts of Donna and Pricilla (the correct spelling) these days are easy to find -- the Directory of this web site has their basic information and they pop up in this web site now and then (like now).


Does anyone know anything of the story for Jeanette or Anne?  Where did they go after Salina?  Where are they now?  What have they been up to?  (And of course, do they have any photos to use on this web site?)  Send in whatever you know and I'll share it with the curious.


     The same questions can be asked about others who were in the class for a while but moved away before 1957.  Who can we find today?


     There's really no doubt that Jeanette moved away between 8th and 9th grades.  A small scrapbook of photos from Ginny shows a July 20, 1953 (summer after 8th grade) going-away party for Jeanette at the swimming pool.  Below Ginny's photo the list of the swimmers is written in exactly the two-column style I show just below where I've expanded the last names; the order may or may not be indexed with the arrangement of the girls in the photo.

Barbara D(eWar).

Mary Rita W(arren).

Donna Dyck

Sandy S(hilling).

Patty S(tauffer).

Jeanette J(ohnson).

Ann Bell

Betty B(utcher).

Brenda B(arringer).

Ginny H(orn).


      Ignoring the two young boys in the background, there are 9 girls in the photo and the photographer makes 10 (same as in the list of names).  Can you put names to faces?  In this photo, a couple are easy for me, but the rest aren't. 


     Should I leave all the names as a quiz for the readers?  I almost did that, but to see how easy or hard this is I asked Ginny and Sandy (Shilling) Rathbun how many IDs they could make.  That resulted in Sandy sending in the photo below -- same party, same girls, same pool, but more faces shown.  Suddenly it wasn't worth using as a quiz; below the second photo are the IDs as I now believe them to be.



     Left rear:  Barbara seems to be giving Mary Rita a pull through the water.  (Barb didn't wear a white cap!)

     Left front:  Sandy and Betty have big smiles.

     Center rear:  Donna in profile behind Betty and in front of Brenda and Patty.

     Right:  Ginny is on the shoulders of Ann.


     This helps to put some names to faces in Ginny's photo, left to right:

     Barbara, Mary Rita, Brenda (?), Sandy, Patty (?), Donna floating front of Ann and Ginny.  That leaves Betty to be the one on the far right, turned away from the camera. I'm not betting that I got them all correct, so send in your corrections.


     Notice that Jeanette does not seem to be in either photo, although the party was for her.  Neither Ginny nor Sandy know who took the photos so I propose that Jeanette took them.  The original prints are quite different in size, so two cameras must have been used.  I suppose Janette wanted a photo of those present and used at least two cameras that may have belonged to others.



        Just for Fun


     "Time moves on."  "You can't step in the same river twice."  "Time and tide wait for no one."

     "You can't go home again."  “There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

     “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” 

     "The past is never dead.  It's not even past."


     I can find a million of them.  But this month I want to focus on a brief period of time in the past with the help of a couple of photos from Ginny's scrapbooks, plus a similar one sent in.