Not More BARN Photos!?!


     "Oh, no...not more Barn photos!"

    Yes, it's true...I found some more photos of the Barn that sat between Lincoln & Roosevelt Junior Highs.  I know that few, if any, care or even remember it, but my fixation on it was just rekindled by recognizing more photos of it with the stash I've had from some of you for years.



     As I showed before, this is how the Barn looked in 1948 just after being moved from the Army's WWII Camp Phillips where it had been a rec hall.


     At this stage it was mostly a boy's gymnasium with a stage jutting out to the east (facing the camera).


     I knew it was added onto by the time we were in Junior High but I never found another photo showing the change...till now.




     I was searching through contributed old photos for topics to put on this page this month and realized that I accidentally had more photos of the Barn than I thought.  The one to the right is the most interesting of the new ones.  It's a fuzzy snapshot of Marlene Pinkham walking past Lincoln Junior High taken by (or at least sent in to me by) Rosie (Allen) Kiene. 

     You see Roosevelt Junior High soaring in the background, and in front of it is the east end of the BARN...the end with the music room addition!  I don't know the year the addition was built but obviously it was between 1948 and 1953.

     All of the addition is shown but most of the original barn got clipped off.  The exterior door shown is part of the music room; the nearby exterior door of the gym (first photo) didn't get captured in this photo.  There was no interior door between the gym and music portions (I think) although the first photo shows an exterior door on the original east side that could have become a door into the music room had there been any need for one.  A large walk-in closet for the storage of musical instruments abutted the gym wall.



     I found this photo on the left last Spring in a scrapbook kept by Betty (Harr) Baxter.  Carole Mallon (mostly clipped off) and Carol Sue Johnson were 9th grade cheerleaders.  I don't know who the photographer was.


    But the background is filled with the side of the BARN!  This detail is strictly for Barn connoisseurs (me), although anyone is permitted to see it.  It could be either the north or south side, given the absence of any shadows, but the sides probably looked the same anyway.





     There is one final Barn photo to show, but it is found on this month's "Personals" page.  It accidentally shows the very end of the music addition but adds little to the second photo on this page.  The main subject of that photo requires it to be on "Personals".





     I'm pleased to find so many photos of the Barn, the Barn where I had success in the gym with left-handed hook shots and tragedy in the music room with Tchaikovsky's difficult frills in "Waltz of the Flowers".  And the roof of the Barn is where my new balsa-wood glider landed on its first throw after assembly in some shop class; I don't know when it ever blew off.  My memories of the Barn just never end.



        Just for Fun


     An old photo is recognized 150 years later to show a tiny photo of President Abraham Lincoln way in the back preparing to give his Gettysburg Address.  Or to show Billy the Kid at leisure in his New Mexico yard.

     No, I don't have such a photo, but weakly similar things have happened as I go through photos some of you have sent in over the last decade.  This month I take another look at photos that happen to include parts of the junior high Barn.  There are good reasons to be distracted by the main subjects, but checking the backgrounds also can be fun.

     So check your own oldies for some overlooked goodies.  You never know.