Not the Darn Barn AGAIN!


     I thought I was finished with that "barn" between the two Junior Highs, but nearly another photo of it has shown up out of the blue...or, out of a basement.  And it's not easy to figure out when it was taken, which makes it more fun.

     On the right side of this dual photo is part of the barn's photo from the 1948 Trail that I've shown here before.  On the left is a corner of it from a snapshot in a scrapbook Betty (Harr) Baxter has kept for us all these years.  The caption says "Jr. High" and the context of the whole photo (that I'm not showing) requires it to have been taken no later than Sept. 1953 when we were Freshmen.

     What immediately caught my eye were the differences in the barn as shown in these two photos.


     That has to be Roosevelt Jr. High in the backgrounds; the doorway of Lincoln is different.  The distances between the barns and the brick are the same, so both photos show the eastern end of the Barn, but at different eras.

     The 1961 Salina Journal article when the barn burned says the barn was moved from Camp Phillips in 1947 and that the music room was added in 1951.  The photo on the left does not have the music room that juts out in the photo on the right. 

     Our 7th grade in Roosevelt started in Sept. 1951.  Just when in 1951 was the music room added (assuming the Salina Journal got the year correct)?  Would you expect it to be added in the summer, but I suppose the Fall is not impossible.

     If we were in Junior High when the left-hand photo was taken and the music room was added in 1951, then the photo must have been taken shortly before the music room was added.  Either the summer or some time in Sept. 1951.  The possible time window is very short.  (Is that dark smudge near the roof's peak in the fuzzy left photo a hint at the window/vent near the peak in the right photo?)

     At leasy there is no doubt that this "new" bit of a photo shows some of the original east end of the barn before the music room was added.  I don't remember the barn without the music room.  Exactly when the photo was taken is secondary to me.



                        Melvin at Work


       A scrapbook of Betty's has this photo of Melvin McCall, probably at a Salina class reunion.  He made an extensive video of the 1987 reunion.  A copy was given to me by Sheri and I presented it in many parts years ago on this web site.


     Videos can be made today with hand-held smart phone instead of the large camera shown here that recorded onto a VHS tape cassette.  But no smart phone can give us the images of 1987 that Melvin did.


     Melvin and Sheri were cousins.  Melvin struggled with bone cancer for more than a decade before succumbing in 2014.


     Sheri says that Melvin's mother is still living in Salina, approaching her 101st birthday this year!



                                                                             A Reunion Moment



     I'm not positive of the year (1982 or 1987) but I am positive this photo captured Charles Reboul and Lloyd Jackson at a Salina reunion for us.


     I have ancestors named Reboul because Charles and I are both descendents of Rebouls who immigrated to America in 1865 from southern France.  While roaming around, I found that name to be fairly common in southern France, even - annoyingly - appearing as modern graffiti on a 2000-year-old Roman bridge.


     I'm too lazy to delve into genealogy, but it would be especially difficult to go back very far.  A French friend said vital records (like births and deaths) in France were largely destroyed during the 1789 Revolution because they were kept by local churches and churches were one of the targets of the revolution as oppressors of the people.  Records in America of the immigrant Rebouls and their descendents are available for those so inclined to seek them out.

        Just for Fun


     It's tempting to start the trek through Ginny's scrapbook from our Junior year, but her collection starts in August, so I'll wait a month and be in synch.  Also in synch with August will be my breaking out in a sweat just remembering all those humid 100-degree days in August.  We had two football practices a day (8 AM, 3 PM) during the last two weeks in August that made the start of classes more than welcome.


   From scrapbooks preserved in boxes like this I find "new" photos to use on this page.  In these particular books Betty (Harr) Baxter has kept the past on life support all these decades, waiting for another exposure to the light of day.  This is the day for three of the photos.