Photos from Ginny's Scrapbook


     Ginny's scrapbook covering the last of grade school and the start of Junior High is fun for its variety of materials.  I'll start off with this excellent photo of girls that includes Ginny.  After the eye strain of looking at photos in the Junior High Lights and newspaper clippings, it's a pleasure to see a crisp, glossy photo with great exposure and contrast. 

     These 7th grade girls were in Miss Lorson's Home Room 25 (Physical Education) and were featured in the April 26, 1952 Junior High News.  The copy in the News provides all the names, which I repeat below this photo.



Back Row:  Mary Lee Taylor, Jolene Davis, Dixie Pierce, Barbara Crook, Joan Sumstine, Velma Hunter.

Row 3:  Joyce Sanborn, Charlene Oelschlager, Anna Denny, Jane Cooke, Sharon Lockard, Glenda Hoesch.

Row 2:  Joan Stermer, Harriett Cole, Luetta Ludemann, Nadine Wendt, Myrth Wicks.

Front Row:  Keeta Wilcox, Darla Edwards, Jaron Leander, Carol McKim, Carol Olson, Virginia Horn.


     Going back to those fuzzy photos in newspapers, here's a pair Ginny grouped together on the same page.  The top one is from Hawthorne Grade School and the kids were in 6th grade, preparing for "Around the World with Song and Dance" on April 20, 1951, featuring grades 5 and 6 at Memorial Hall.  These kids did a Norwegian Mountain Dance, the program says.  The two boys don't seem unhappy about being outnumbered.


     The lower photo shows more 6th graders, this time at Oakdale, preparing for a couple of Mexican dances.


     Joan (Stermer) Linam has a related Hawthorne photo, a nice clear glossy photo.  It looks like the same kids as in the photo above, almost in the same order.  In both pictures it looks like they had to move into a hall to have space for all the action; compare the picture on the wall and the tile around the drinking fountain (or whatever it is so close to the floor).


     South Park provided the third set of dancers for this extravaganza in 1951.  The program says they did a Hawaiian Sacred Dance.  Just to have a complete set of the three dancing groups, here's a photo of them that I've shown before without knowing the context.

     How many errors can you spot in the caption to this photo?






        Just for Fun


     It's hard to remember all the work that went into various school programs at the Memorial Hall.  Different years featured different grade schools doing dances.  This page recalls a 1951 program with dancers from Hawthorne, Oakdale, and South Park.  That's the program cover on the right.


     But first, it's always a pleasure to present a good, sharp photo and the girls in a 7th grade home room are in such a photo saved in Ginny's scrapbook.  It is fresh enough to appear to have been taken just yesterday...but it wasn't.