Christmas Singing


     Ginny put this clipping in her scrapbook for our Junior year, so this must have been Christmas of 1955.  Students of the German language are shown rehearsing Christmas songs in German ("Stille Nacht") in preparation to singing them on Dec. 23 at the homes of folks who request it.

     In case you can't read the names in the caption, they are Keith Maxwell, Janet Turner, Karen Fulker, and Eldon Turner.



More singing was done at a school assembly on Dec. 20, 1955 when we were Juniors.  Ginny kept the instructions to participants so we can be reminded about what went on.  (How much of it would be illegal today?)  To see a larger copy, click here.




        Just for Fun



     When is singing more popular than at Christmas? 


     Below are two instances in 1955 when singing was the main event and they both were just before Christmas.  These materials are thanks to Ginny (Horn) Stelk who kept them for decades and then made them available to you and me.