SHS Handbook Information (might be out of date)


     I don't know about your memory, but mine tends to forget everyday routine things from long ago.  Why I care later on is another unknown, aside from a brain gone on idle, but when I have a chance to find out something long forgotten I get a kick doing so.

     Ginny's 12th grade scrapbook includes the "Salina Senior High School Handbook" and it's full of things I used to know by rote because I applied them every day.  But by now I'd even forgotten there ever was a handbook, if I ever knew.

     Most of the information I'm not interested in re-learning, but below are a couple of pages that caught my attention for reasons I can't explain.  Maybe they'll interest you...maybe they'll not.  The list of teachers ties in with this month's "Personals" page but the time schedule is "just for fun."

    OOPS!  Looking this over, I see that the football coach was Clint Webber.  He was the coach when we were sophomores and juniors but gone when we were seniors.  So this handbook is likely to be from the 1955-1956 school year.  Oh, well.  I bet they were identical except for a name here or there.





     Looks like we had 26 minutes for lunch sometime during 4th hour.  I think there were three shifts.  I remember being back in Miss Lindbloom's English class after our lunch when someone stuck his head in the door and said "Kim Novak is in the cafeteria!"  Everyone rushed out to see and it was true.  Some things are easier to recall than others.

     So, we had 4 minutes between classes.  With Global Earth I find that the distance from the study hall to near the cafeteria on opposite ends was about 400 feet.  If you had to go to near the library instead, there would be some stairs to take also.  I'll ignore any pause at your locker or to chat.  If while walking your right foot comes down every 2.5 feet every 1.5 seconds (no great strain for a normal teen, I claim), you will cover 400 feet in exactly 4 min. 

     Most of us most of the time must have had much less than 400 ft. between class rooms and I recall stopping at my locker now and then.  So if a distance was 200 ft. and the walking speed was the same, there were 2 min. so spend not walking.  But even then, there was very little time to burn between classes.

     I wonder how today's time schedule compares?  Are today's kids with the modern snack foods and inactive time spent on video games in the fine physical condition we were (assuming we were)?  Do they need and get more time between classes?  Are their halls uphill in both directions and filled with waist deep snow too?




        Just for Fun


     Might you be late to class?  Well, I doubt it happens any more.  But when classes started at 8:26 AM, you needed a finely tuned wind-up watch back in the '50s.

     And with 4 minutes between classes, it would help to have young legs to get down a long hallway, stopping at your locker on the way, and get to that next seat in time to avoid a hall monitor's scowl. 

     I don't really remember things all that clearly but I found some really good help in a Handbook of how to go to the Salina Senior High School.  I picked out a couple of pages that reminded me how things were and pass them on to you.  If you'd rather NOT be reminded, move along to another web page.